Thursday, April 03, 2008

macro 3 of 30: donated fabric samples

fabric samples
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Since I am known amongst my friends and family as a fabric garbage can, I received a big box of fabric samples a while ago from Lyssy May - lots of stuff that's a challenge for me because it's not what I normally would sew with - lace, velour, suiting and sequins. But I never say no to fabric - so it's been sitting in the corner looking at me for quite some time now. But I have made some sequin cuffs which I am happy with. I just need to fashion some cuff links because I think that's what they need - big bead-y sparkly cuff links. Not sure yet how to do that but that's my aim for this weekend.
Oh and my Moo cards arrived! Yay!

Update: Lyssy May has just got herself a blog too - go take a look. She mentions a pincushion that I made but I have to confess that I got the voodoo idea from Ali.


machenmachen said...

some cufflinks once like this:

get two beads or buttons to be the heads of the links

Tie a slip knot loop in one end of some embroidery cotton (like you'd use to cast on for knitting)

Use a needle to pull the other end of the embroidery cotton (all 6
strands) through the holes of one button/bead, until the loop is sitting right on the holes.

Poke a tiny crochet hook through the loop, and hook the cotton through like you're doing chain stitch.

Now crochet a tiny chain (keep it as tight as you can) about 1cm long.

Use the needle to pull the end of the cotton through the holes of the other bead/button, then through the loop on the crochet hook. slide the hook out of the loop, pull end tight, knot it off, and weave the end back through the chain. Snip off the tail.

Can do a pictorial on the weekend if you want.

machenmachen said...

eh, that should read "I made some cufflinks"

Also, I am a sad-sack being on the internet at 10:30pm and should go to bed or at least do something wholesome

raining sheep said...

The cuffs are amazing....I love those. The fabrics do look rather sumptuous.

2paw said...

What a great gift: I love the greeny sequins!!! I have no doubt you will find many uses for such a lovely fabric selection!!!

Alyssa said...

Hey Sal - I love the way you've used the 'scraps' for this new cuffs. You may be excited or anxious to learn that I had another 2 boxes of remnants dropped off this week - be prepared! Thanks for noticing my new blog too - I just kicked it off on Saturday and will be planning a bit of a dj bebe profile in the near future!