Monday, December 10, 2007

softie sewing day

softie sewing day
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Three sweet little softies for three sweet little children. On Saturday I organised a sewing bee with my sister in law and cousin in law, and we made these softies from the Softies book. I got the book for my birthday in August but this was my first project from the book. So, two Devil Cosmonauts - though the vinyl one didn't get horns - and one Mabel Monkey. Each one was given to a special little child on the weekend - and each was well received. Especially the yellow cosmonaut, he got lots of hugs.

I was really impressed with how the faces turned out - not bad for two hand sewing newbies!

As for making a softie out of vinyl - it's not easy, not least because you can't use pins - but the effect is almost worth it. And he went to this newborn, so his super drool proof powers will come in handy!