Thursday, April 17, 2008

macro 17 of 30: alphabet cards

alphabet cards
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I picked up this little box of cards for free, a local electronics store closed down and left a table of stuff "free to good home". They're helping me get organised for the market. I haven't found a use for them yet but just their stern orderliness is helping me focus. I did my stocktake last night. I have 93 brooches. Seems like a lot. But what if I sell out? Oh I have other things too - 35 cards and 54 cuffs and 22 scarves... I should be ok.

Oh and Fi alerted me to this which sounds very fun - deadline for Bris is tomorrow though so will have to get cracking on the submission! Anyone else doing this?

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Miss Dot said...

look at it this way. It is stock that might cover you for a few markets, you don't want to sell out because then your stall looks empty, so the more the merrier. Don't put too much out at once, too hard to keep an eye on and don't be dissapointed if you don't sell out, Gift shops don't sell out every saturday and a market shouldn't be any different. Best of luck.