Sunday, January 22, 2006

ex library books

Every now and then libraries have sales and sell off old books. How do the libraries decide which books to sell? Is it because nobody has borrowed them for the last five years? Or has somebody read them and decided they are no longer worthy of library status? Or do they just get rid of the older books to make way for the new ones?

And to make things worse, the poor books are scarred by bar codes and stickers and dewey decimal numbers - or worse, the part of the cover that had the bar code has been cut out, leaving an unsightly gap. This makes them somewhat of a second-class item at secondhand stores, so these poor books may never be read or loved again. They might be a bargain at the library booksale for a dollar or two, but they have very little resale value.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

on the virtue of sarongs

  • even if you put on a kilo or two they still fit comfortably
  • cool and breezy, and satisfy almost any dress code
  • simply fold over the top for adjustable length
  • can also be used as a blanket, nanna-type knee rug, sunshade or neck-pillow
  • easiest thing in the world to make - no darts, buttons, zips, sleeves, plackets, pleats, facings - not a curve in sight
  • if you sit in something that leaves an embarrassing stain, just turn the garment upside down - stain gone - or at least moved to somewhere less embarrassing

Big shout out to Betty Sue, who brought me some fabulous fabric from India which I didn't make into anything for ages because I didn't want to make something that I might not like. So the other day I just hemmed the edges and voila - the best looking sarong in town. And if I find a pattern one day that I want to make it into something else, I still can because I didn't need to use my scissors at all.

Friday, January 06, 2006

black cats and the afterlife

A bit before Christmas I was visited by some friendly neighbourhood Christians and a black cat. They said they didn't bring the cat, it just followed them to my door. I have not seen the cat before or since. They asked did I believe in God, I said no, they said ok so what happens to the people you love when they die, and I said when we die we get buried and eaten by worms. (I actually said that - it felt really good.) And they said oh that's so depressing... And eventually I had to say ok well thanks for your time, good luck with your converting (yes I actually said that too, and gave them a thumbs up) and I shut the door on them.