Sunday, April 27, 2008

macro 26 of 30: grey pinstripe scarf

grey pinstripe scarf
Originally uploaded by djbebe
Three scarves finished this morning, all along a red/black/grey theme. Side A fabrics all came from the magic box of fabric samples, and the Side B fabrics are knits from the stash. I really like this pinstripe scarf (more pics on flickr) - it's so soft and grey grey grey. Charcoal grey. I'm torn between listing it on etsy (poor shop is a bit bare though I am slowly stocking it with bits and pieces), my next market stall - or just keeping it! I will gladly take your suggestions...?

We bought a painting at the art show! Our first "real" art purchase - it's an ink piece called "The feather boa" but no pics yet - we have to wait until the exhibition is finished before we can get our hands on it...


Rachel said...

Great scarf! Love the pinstripes.

raining sheep said...

That is a pretty stylin' scarf. I looked on your flickr and saw the pic with more detail. If I had made it, I would keep it and not part with it....but, I guess you can make another if you wanted to. So you could sell it and give someone who can't sew an opportunity to own it.