Wednesday, April 16, 2008

macro 16 of 30: pincushion present

pincushion present
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A most lovely and excellent package arrived today from Ali. Tea cosy, pincushion, bag, beads, mixed tape (well, cd) - all totally awesome! I will have to wait until I get to work tomorrow for the tea cosy fitting. It felt a little invasive to take all the prescribed measurements of my little teapot: height, girth etc. Although you are a bit rotund, little teapot, I love you all the same. Thanks Miss A!.

And speaking of statistics , I've been secretly and somewhat obsessively keeping tabs on my blog stats, and the most popular search terms to get you here seem to be "pink elephant quilt" and "dandelion kimono". Fascinating.


machenmachen said...

No worries love! Didja recognise the wrapping?

cd&m said...

Just stopped by to say Hi as I'm now taking part in Karin's 30 day 30 photograph challenge.