Wednesday, April 30, 2008

29 of 30: on my desk Wednesday

wip: black and brown scarf
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Hey it's Wednesday! I'm jumping on the on my desk bandwagon. I meant to do it last week but I lost track of the days... And it just almost happened again...

This is a black and brown scarf that I started this morning and this is how I left when I had to go to work. Late. Easy to lose track of time when you're sneaking in crafting before work!

macro 28 of 30: scarf detail

scarf detail
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I know, I'm a couple of days behind. Forgive me?

This scarf now belongs to my mother - early Mothers' Day present. It's jersey, satin and velvety faux fur. Fur is hard to photograph - satin is easier.

Monday, April 28, 2008

macro 27 of 30: wine velvet cuff detail

wine velvet cuff detail
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Well I'm still undecided about the pinstripe scarf - I have already cut out some more grey ones to distract myself from the decision... In the meantime, this cuff is available on etsy. And while you're there, check out this bracelet made from yo-yos. Normally I don't condone yo-yos (I think I was scarred as a child by a particularly hideous yo-yo clown) but for some reason this appeals to me. Maybe it's the green. I'm going through a green phase.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

macro 26 of 30: grey pinstripe scarf

grey pinstripe scarf
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Three scarves finished this morning, all along a red/black/grey theme. Side A fabrics all came from the magic box of fabric samples, and the Side B fabrics are knits from the stash. I really like this pinstripe scarf (more pics on flickr) - it's so soft and grey grey grey. Charcoal grey. I'm torn between listing it on etsy (poor shop is a bit bare though I am slowly stocking it with bits and pieces), my next market stall - or just keeping it! I will gladly take your suggestions...?

We bought a painting at the art show! Our first "real" art purchase - it's an ink piece called "The feather boa" but no pics yet - we have to wait until the exhibition is finished before we can get our hands on it...

macro 25 of 30: fabric samples

fabric samples
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More from the magic box of fabric samples.

Friday, April 25, 2008

macro 24 of 30: green cuff detail

green cuff detail
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Tomorrow night we're going to a friend's first solo art show, somewhere in the country, so I decided I needed something new and fabulous to wear. This is the result - green and brown cuff, featuring velvet ribbons and some sort of smocked knit fabric that came in the latest big box of fabric sample discards from Lyssy May. I finally had time and courage enough to open it. Them, actually, there were two. I think the side you can see here is meant to be the inside of the fabric, but I liked the more structural look of this side. More on flickr if you care to see the finished product. Inspired, I think, by Ms brown sparrow who I just discovered this week.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

macro 23 of 30: golden gate rose

golden gate rose
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It's raining again today so this pic is from the other day when it was sunny. Not that I'm complaining, since we are in dire need of decent rain. A Golden Gate rosebud.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

21 of 30: puffer fish

puffer fish
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Afternoon storm today so once again not photo-taking weather. I dug this one out of the archives - part of a mobile made for Kim's baby which I never got around to posting because it was a secret project. I don't think it's even a macro. Let's just pretend. This puffer was inspired by this one and I used the lip-techniques from this book. If you've got nothing to do, browse the stupid sock creatures gallery. Endlessly amusing.

Monday, April 21, 2008

macro 21 of 30: thistle

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I like how this thistle looks like a russian winter hat. Something Anna Karenina might have worn. Only in black. Or white.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

macro 20 of 30: lovely spool

lovely spool
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Well my first ever market stall went pretty well. It was very cold setting up, and very windy all day - but at least it didn't rain! We had lots of lookers, a few sales, and good company - so we're coming back next month! With reinforcements and sandbags for all the bits that kept getting blown over...

So, after a very long day, I am now unwinding like this spool of thread. With a glass of wine and a bit more of The Constant Gardener.

Thanks again for all your market tips - they were most helpful!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

macro 19 of 30: rocket flower

rocket flower
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Markets tomorrow! Must go get my beauty sleep...

Friday, April 18, 2008

macro 18 of 30: fig

the insides of a fig
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I clearly remember the first time I saw the insides of a fresh fig. Fascinating, fleshy and wonderfully detailed. So much more interesting than peeling a banana or an orange.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

macro 17 of 30: alphabet cards

alphabet cards
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I picked up this little box of cards for free, a local electronics store closed down and left a table of stuff "free to good home". They're helping me get organised for the market. I haven't found a use for them yet but just their stern orderliness is helping me focus. I did my stocktake last night. I have 93 brooches. Seems like a lot. But what if I sell out? Oh I have other things too - 35 cards and 54 cuffs and 22 scarves... I should be ok.

Oh and Fi alerted me to this which sounds very fun - deadline for Bris is tomorrow though so will have to get cracking on the submission! Anyone else doing this?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

macro 16 of 30: pincushion present

pincushion present
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A most lovely and excellent package arrived today from Ali. Tea cosy, pincushion, bag, beads, mixed tape (well, cd) - all totally awesome! I will have to wait until I get to work tomorrow for the tea cosy fitting. It felt a little invasive to take all the prescribed measurements of my little teapot: height, girth etc. Although you are a bit rotund, little teapot, I love you all the same. Thanks Miss A!.

And speaking of statistics , I've been secretly and somewhat obsessively keeping tabs on my blog stats, and the most popular search terms to get you here seem to be "pink elephant quilt" and "dandelion kimono". Fascinating.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

macro 15 of 30: chive seeds

chive seeds
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The gardening books say not to let your chives go to seed because they'll come up everywhere. I am, however, somewhat of a lazy gardener. Plus I am experimenting with seed saving.

Thanks for all your market tips - I'll sleep better tonight!

Monday, April 14, 2008

macro 14 of 30: hammer

cuff + hammer
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Once again I have left the photography until too late for decent light. This is what I did before work this morning. (Hmmm, I could have taken the photo then - too busy wrestling with press studs - I have the broken fingernails to prove it.) I hammered the press studs onto 10 more cuffs. Cuffs with lace, cuffs with frills and cuffs with embroidered tulle. Cuffs galore!

If you're in or near Toowoomba this weekend, I'll be at the Queens Park Craft Bazaar (my first market!) so drop by and say hello.

Anyone got any market-stall tips?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

macro 13 of 30: seedlings

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Sprouts! The ones in the foreground are Red Dutch cabbage; the ones (or one?) in the background are snow peas. Seeds ordered online from Eden seeds. I'm still waiting for the Bulls Blood beetroot and Coles Dwarf broad beans to come up.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

macro 12 of 30: pond plants

pond plants
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Today was family and gardening - the only crafting I did was make a polo shirt for HandyMan (I still don't have the neck right) and make a basket liner for my nan's wheelie walker (one very happy customer). So not no crafting exactly, but no cutting edge crafting. Now we're watching Storm Boy on the telly.

Speaking of gardening, if you have a coriander plant that is out of control, this is a delicious (and easy) dip/pesto recipe:

1/2 cup macadamia nuts (raw or roasted, if they're salted omit the salt later)
1 small hot red chilli, seeded and chopped (optional)
1/4 - 1/2 cup packed fresh coriander leaves (depends how much you ike coriander)
1/4 cup cold water
1 tbsp olive oil
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp freshly ground black pepper

Pulse nuts in food processor/blender until finely chopped.
Add the remaining ingredients and process until smooth.
Serve at room temp; keeps in fridge up to 4 days.
Note it will thicken over time so you may need to add more water later on.

Friday, April 11, 2008

macro 11 of 30: lace

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To make up for lack of post yesterday... This guipure lace is a lovely buttery cream colour which is completely not captured in my photo. I think I might work it into a cuff or something - there's only about 4 inches of it. It's sitting beside my sewing machine, I dare not put it back into the black hole that is my lace/ribbon/trim/string bag which is completely out of control - it may never be found again.

macro 10 of 30: autumn leaves

autumn leaves
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Autumn leaves gathered on this morning's walk; the fabric is raw silk suiting salvaged from Reverse Garbage in Brisvegas yesterday. It was a hectic, running-around day - but we did get all our jobs done - and we didn't get home until late last night - hence no post yesterday. One up my sleeve. Want to see our self-portrait ala Andy Warhol? I really liked the exhibition, I learned a lot.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

macro 9 of 30: scribble cuff

scribble cuff
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This is detail of an experimental cuff - it too is waiting for a cuff link. We are taking advantage of the local show holiday to jet off to Brisbane to see Andy and visit Lyssy May. And get some car parts chromed.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

macro 8 of 30: birdcage detail

birdcage detail
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One more step closer to my market stall: decorative birdcage makes a handy display for cuffs. Previously used as the 'wishing well' at our wedding.

I called in sick today and spent the day reading The Constant Gardener and drinking hot lemon drinks. Feeling a bit better tonight.

Hope the winter bugs aren't biting where you are!

Monday, April 07, 2008

macro 7 of 30: lemon blossom

lemon blossom
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I'm feeling a bit under the weather today so this is what I need - vitamin C. And early to bed.

But first, the winners of the giveaway - I decided to pick two winners... The random number generator picked 2 and 8 - it was complicated because one person commented twice so I had to count backwards... I'm rambling now - it's the fever - anyway, the winners are Kleas and Hokey - and thanks to all of you for dropping by!
So send me an email: djbebe.remix at with your address and I'll pop a surprise in the mail!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

macro 6 of 30: cuff links

cuff links detail
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Thanks to Ali's tips (she's having a giveaway too - go look!) I finished these cuffs off this afternoon - cuff links made from buttons and embroidery thread. I used a 3.5 size crochet hook which was ok but I think a smaller one would be better. I like the effect though: exactly what I was looking for - a bit of extra bling.

Just down from the cafe where we had breakfast yesterday was a camping store with 30-50% off so I snapped up a marquee - one step closer to doing the markets!

I'll be drawing the giveaway tonight so there's one last chance to get your name in - I'll announce the winner tomorrow. Hey this daily posting is quite handy!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

macro 5 of 30: cockroaches in a beer bottle

cockroaches in a beer bottle
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No crafting today: we just got back from the Glasshouse Mountains. We stayed with a friend who lives just at the foot of Mt Tibrogargan - awesome views.

This photo was taken on our honeymoon in Vanuatu. We had a lovely time, honest - and this was actually our favourite place. But primitive enough that if you leave the dregs in your beer bottle overnight, you will wake up to the scurrying of cockroaches. The snorkelling was excellent though!

Oh, and for the record the Christmas quilt was very well received.

Friday, April 04, 2008

macro 4 of 30: blue scarves

blue scarves detail
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More scarves! I finished these two today - and two more are half-done but we're going to a 60th birthday party shortly so I have to get ready, wash the dishes, wrap the present etc. The present can be viewed here at least in part. I helped my mum make it. I am like her private consultant and sewer of bits that are "too hard". The quilt itself is not really my style but I'm assured the recipient will love it!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

macro 3 of 30: donated fabric samples

fabric samples
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Since I am known amongst my friends and family as a fabric garbage can, I received a big box of fabric samples a while ago from Lyssy May - lots of stuff that's a challenge for me because it's not what I normally would sew with - lace, velour, suiting and sequins. But I never say no to fabric - so it's been sitting in the corner looking at me for quite some time now. But I have made some sequin cuffs which I am happy with. I just need to fashion some cuff links because I think that's what they need - big bead-y sparkly cuff links. Not sure yet how to do that but that's my aim for this weekend.
Oh and my Moo cards arrived! Yay!

Update: Lyssy May has just got herself a blog too - go take a look. She mentions a pincushion that I made but I have to confess that I got the voodoo idea from Ali.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

macro 2 of 30: laces detail

laces detail
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I really liked these shoes when I bought them, but I hardly ever wear them - they're really not as comfortable as they look. But I wore them today and they seemed like a good subject for a macro shot. I also took one of the sole - I like how you can see all the grains of dirt and fluff.

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my 125th post! The giveaway's still open though so feel free to throw your comment in...

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

macro 1 of 30: felty brooches and a giveaway

I'm jumping on this macro bandwagon - hopefully it will help me in my goal to post more often... You can join too!

felty brooches detail
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These are some felty brooches - I crochet these while I'm visiting my two nannas in the old people home. Or waiting for the doctor. Seriously, the other day I had to wait for an hour and I made 5 of these!

And it seems I missed the traditional 100th post anniversary by a few, but 125 is a special number too... So I'm going to have a giveaway - leave a comment on this post and you might win something! I'll throw the names in a hat on Sunday and then I'll think of something to give away!