Tuesday, May 27, 2008

not dead: sleeping

green velvet cuff
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I'm still here, just catching up on everything. You'll be pleased to know I have done my tax return - and it's now almost time to do next years...

Back to making my own shoes - perhaps this would be a good first project. Maybe in summer. And no, I'm not going to make your shoes - but if anyone wants to make mine...

Want to see me battling the bitter wind at last week's Queens Park Markets? Hopefully the next one won't be so cold...

And I finally got around to listing some more velvet cuffs on etsy. I love making these, despite the fact that velvet needs a good talking to before stitching - velvet gives them such a great texture and structure.

And, I've been bestowed an administrator of the DUST etsy blog. HandyMan is now calling me "Miss Administrator".

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

on my desk: more tissue holders

more tissue holders
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On my desk this week is some post-work crafting while cooking dinner. (Thanks Kim for the Moroccan chick pea soup recipe!) More tissue holders: by the looks of this spots and stripes are apparently pushing my buttons right now.

Also on my desk is a pile of brown and gold fabrics which I can't promise isn't going to be more scarves.

And that pin cushion in the background was a gift from Ali. It's pretty nifty.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

soft pink and grey

Well when I said I was finished making scarves it wasn't entirely true - but now it is... A batch of pink and purple, mauve and grey ones were finished up on the weekend. Ready for the markets on Sunday - wow 4 weeks can go quickly! pink and grey scarf and teapot This scarf is part of that batch - and doesn't it go perfectly with my new favourite teapot?

Oh yeah, this soft, soft pink cuff is available on my etsy. But if you hate pink, it's not for you.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

on my desk Wednesday: tissue holders

tissue holders
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I didn't mean to take a week's holiday from blogging but you were probably sick of me anyway. I realised during that 30 day challenge that because I really only craft on the weekends I don't have that much to say, blog-wise, during the week. So I will attempt weekly posting.

Once again this on my desk pic is the result of some sneaky pre-work crafting. I've had enough of scarves for a while - and there's plenty that I haven't photographed yet. So I have moved on to tissue holders - whipping up a few for my next market stall.

Does anyone else have the urge to make their own shoes? No? Just me then. Not that I have started yet, but you know, I'm thinking about it. In a sort of learn Portuguese, travel to Iceland, clean the cobwebs off my side mirror kind of way. In the meantime, it's more tissue holders and finish of the pink batch of scarves.

Want to see what was on my desk on Tuesday?

Thursday, May 01, 2008

macro 30 of 30: cement duckie

cement duckie
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Only one day late, my last macro. Hasn't it been fun?

This little cement duckie (not rubber, no squeak) was a housewarming present - one of those that you get when you say you don't need any presents. Totally useless, but kinda cute. He lives in a potplant just outside. He does not float.

blue shoe
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And because I started this thing with a shoe, I will end with a shoe.