Thursday, October 30, 2008

renaissance dress I

renaissance dress I
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A few weeks ago I sent in my proposal for the upcoming Reverse Garbage Christmas exhibition, entitled 'Renaissance' meaning rebirth. Below is what I wrote, and this little dress is the latest finished thing (it's reversible).

I'm pregnant with my first baby. Pondering my pending motherhood, I've been thinking a lot about birth. I've also been thinking a lot about the rebirth of myself, as a mother.

Changing priorities, changing roles. So much to learn. New skills, new experiences. It's almost overwhelming: so in order to come to terms with this new era of my life, I've created things that I would want my baby to wear, to use and love. Soft, gentle bibs, fun little dresses and one very huggable quilt. All with a vintage, ageless touch. Creations that express how I want to be, as a mother, and how I want my baby to begin. Birth and rebirth.

I think it's still appropriate: I have already been rebirthed as a mother. And I still want to think about how my baby should begin. And I'm still enjoying making little dresses. They are a perfect use for all that lace that people keep giving me!

Thank you all for your thoughts and comments, I am healing.

Monday, October 27, 2008

baby Rita

baby Rita hand
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Bad news: we had our baby two weeks ago, at 24 weeks, and she didn't make it. I just went into pre-term labour, and she was just too small. She had very long fingers and toes like her mum, and a nose like her dad. We called her Rita.

We had lots of fantastic support from family and friends - big thanks to you all - and are on the road to recovery. Looking at that little hand is still the hardest thing.

I will be back with some good news soon.