Wednesday, June 27, 2007

thank you wedding helpers

For our recent 1920's wedding I collected lots of vintagey blue and brown thrift store goodies - and pearls - for the table decorations, and some lovely friends helped lay them out. They did an awesome job - when we walked in after hours of getting our photos taken and looking lovingly at each other (exhausting after a while!), it was such an amazing surprise to see it all so beautiful. Not that it was a surprise that they did an awesome job, but a surprise to see it all at once, together - and so perfect! Anyway I finally got in this weekend and got their thank you gifts made.

I've also just given some new life to my etsy shop with some cute new handbags.

Monday, June 18, 2007

luxury bird house

bird house fabric
Originally uploaded by djbebe
I like this take on the bird house. If I was a bird, I would like to live in a house like this. I used this fabric to make a sweet little handbag for my cousin, which I promised months ago but then got carried away with wedding stuff. I also used buttons from our grandma's button box which I inherited last time she downsized. It contains all kinds of treasures which she saved for many years - which I will only use for the most special of projects.