Wednesday, September 26, 2007

cold feet

cold feet
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We had a hail storm on Saturday night - it was very loud and fairly short but it left a mountain of hail. This pic was taken at 7am the next morning - Calico had fun exploring but got very cold little paws!

In other news, I'm putting some brooches and coasters on a stall at the IWC at USQ on Friday. I won't be there though - one more wedding in Armidale. Then wedding season will be officially over - 3 weddings in 4 weeks is a bit taxing really.

No more progress on the baby quilt - I've been getting ready for the market - covering boxes with fabric, labelling etc. Also preparing a submission for Reverse Garbage's Christmas market. Working on an idea for manly cuffs.


fiona said...

thats an impressive wedding invite toll, quite the social butterfly!! bet it gets expensive though!

Claire said...

The cuffs and brooches look great!