Thursday, September 20, 2007

samples for mixtape

samples for mixtape
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Posted off to mixtapezine today in a rush - hope I didn't forget anything! I didn't leave work quite early enough to get all my jobs done before my physio appointment so I was running late all afternoon - hate that! I posted 12 cuffs and 18 brooches, with discount vouchers - so if you've ordered a "special edition" of issue 2, you will get one! yay!

Also posted this bag to California - one more item sold on etsy!

In other news, these baby shoes from tinyhappy arrived in the mail yesterday and they are ever so sweet. Not sure yet whether to give them away or keep them...

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fiona said...

oh now thats just rubbing it in!i didnt get up early enough to secure a 'special edition' what lucky poppits!, you have been busy!!