Sunday, September 02, 2007

blue dandelion kimono vest

blue dandelion kimono vest
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I decided to have an internet-free weekend - amazing how much you can get done! So I made a list of all the things I should be doing - starting the baby quilt for my brother's impending second bub, sewing brooch backs on the mountain of denim-backed brooches I've churned out, etc etc. And I decided to do something completely different - namely, make a couple of new shirts for myself - we have 3 weddings coming up in the next month and I've got nothing to wear! I got this blue dandelion fabric from Gardams (I love that shop not only for all the gorgeous fabrics but because they wrap your purchases in brown paper and tie it with string) in Brisbane last year. It's cotton with a subtle herringbone weave which gives it a really soft texture. And, from the leftovers I made this darling little "vest" from a thrifted vintage pattern - thought I should start trying them out instead of just collecting them... Kim it was going to be for you but I really like it! Still deliberating! Not that I even have a bub, or would ever dress myself and bub in the same fabric...? Would I? Maybe I should just make another one.

And then I was on a roll with the vintage baby pattern thing so I churned out a couple of sets of bloomers with matching singlet tops. I even appliqued, though I skipped the part where you iron on interfacing to stop the stretching. But they didn't turn out too bad. Baby clothes use hardly any fabric - this still isn't helping thin out my stash much!

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fiona said...

well done you for turning off the computer!! after this it all screen free for me too, lets see how much i get done!!with your vintage patterns do you trace/copy the pattern or dive right in with the original??the kimono vest is so cute!!!!