Tuesday, October 16, 2007

seascape brooch

seascape brooch
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I've had a fairly crappy couple of weeks and I don't want to talk about it any more. To cut a long story short I'm staying home from work this week to recover from surgery and attend a funeral. The only good news is that I get to spend some quality time in my craft room so have been churning out some new brooches. Check out my etsy and/or madeit store to see more. I'm quite partial to the minty polka dot one myself - I might just make another one. The one you see here is made from a recycled Ken Done (in case you're blissfully unaware of his work) silk scarf. I'm working on the theory that any fabric, no matter how hideous, can work in small amounts. My next challenge is a particularly hideous yellow not-quite-leopard-print rayon that I accepted in a moment of weakness when a friend (I won't embarrass her by linking from this to her neo-cool blog) was throwing it out. It has been on death row in my stash for a while now but it's going to get one more chance to become a brooch like this.


fiona said...

love, love, love, and healing hugs to you!
I'm sorry you've had a crapy time,what ever the cause.i've missed your posts!thank god for crafting divrisons, love again, fi

Betty Sue said...

Hold on sweetie...
And yes, thatnk god for crafting diversions. And look at what you managed - you made ken done look good!