Thursday, September 06, 2007

green wasp bag

green wasp: exterior
Originally uploaded by djbebe
Based on the now famous wasp bag pattern I made this. (And I got to be the first, apart from the original wasp bag, to post it up to flickr - yay!) All from my stash - which is why it doesn't have a magnetic clasp but I think it has enough body to overcome that - and I like a basket bag anyhow. I got this roll of green vinyl thrown in for free when we bought a timber and glass cabinet at a furniture closing down sale - bargain! I think I was much more excited about my roll of green vinyl than I was about the lovely cabinet. So this is its first use - turned out well though the vinyl was a bit of a pain to sew. Gotta get me a teflon foot.


fiona said...

thanks for the link i'm going to make one tonight!!!love that green floral, well done!!

Claire said...

That bag looks great. I love your other stuff too! I will link you from my blog.