Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Jungle brooch

Jungle brooch
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Thanks for the good thoughts and karma - got back from Parkes last night so we're both a bit exhausted from driving (almost 20 hours all up), funeral matters and family overload. I know what you mean about crafty diversions - if I wasn't a crafter I might be forced to clean the fridge or something. Anyhow, today I made some more coasters and this brooch, in the aforementioned not-quite-leopard-skin rayon. I think it works. I scored a handful of these upholstery buttons at an op shop a while back, and they go perfectly with this vinyl which I also thrifted - for a dollar a metre.

And now I'm waiting for HandyMan to cook me dinner.


Betty Sue said...

Hey I recognize that fabric! You're going to have to make a lot of flowers to use it up though :)

fiona said...

love the flower!isnt viynal the coolest stuff! whats your secret t get him to cook dinner????