Monday, November 20, 2006

something old, something blue

wedding table decorations
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The fruits of Friday's op-shopping. These will be the table decorations for ur 1920's wedding. Blue and brown, pretty vintagey glass and china, strewn with pearls and possibly turkey feathers. I just need to find about 10 more pretty blue and/or brown things. And some more pearls. I may have exhausted the Toowoomba supplies though - bridesmaids - if you're still looking for jobs, keep your eyes out at op shops. Budget is $5 each.


VanBubbles said...

hmmmm....very intrigued about the turkey feathers! Please do tell what role that has?

djbebe said...

haha that's the bonboniere - everyone gets to take a big strapping feather home and do what they want...

No really, the 1920's was all about accessories - feathers, fans, beads, bangles and little hats.

And I'm not really a fan of flowers so feathers it is.

Betty Sue said...

You kinky you! I don't like Handyman's best men that much!!! :)