Wednesday, May 17, 2006


So I'm in San Francisco for the conference for computer geeks from everywhere. There are a few other geeks staying at my hotel - you can spot them a mile away. How, you ask? Male, unfashionably long hair, jeans and sneakers, complaining about having to pay for internet access at hotel, mobile phone attached to belt. Pale, either skinny or ever so pudgy. You can tell. I think women are outnumbered about 80 to 1 at this conference. They're giving away free stuff everywhere - I spot a pile of t-shirts and try to talk to the people at the stall until they give me one, but some people just walk right up and help themselves, then they're off.

Yesterday I did a tour with my good friend VanBubbles and her fiance starting at fisherman's wharf, around the Presidio, to Golden Gate Bridge. All very good. Our tour guide (Romeo) latched onto the fact that 2 of us were australians and told us bad jokes. He wanted us to sit at the front of the bus but we declined - and even from the back of the bus he managed to pick us out regularly. I also managed to run into a couple of old school friends, here on holiday from London - small world!

I went shopping yesterday, in Haight-Ashtbury - lots of vintage/secondhand shops - I seriously had to restrain myself from gasping out loud at everything I touched - so many fabulous dresses! I bought some new jeans - may leave behind those others that I've patched several times already... And a couple of shirts... And some shoes, and a couple of books... I found a fabric store called Far Out Fabrics - Japanese prints were all I could see from the window, because it was closed. May have to go back there.

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VanBubbles said...

so when are we going to see your pics??? busy getting ready to move now I suppose...happy packing!