Friday, May 12, 2006

quilt store snobs

Inspired by this post (I do like that quilt) from one of the - ahem - many crafty blogs I subscribe to - this one's for you, Sponky.

Sponky and I have had several visits to the quilting store recently to purchase supplies to make baby quilts, mostly. We have spent considerable time taking fabrics down from shelves, spreading them out here and there on the floor, hemming and hawwing about whether there are too many stripes, or not enough colour contrast, or whether batik prints are allowed at all (eventually we agreed to disagree on that one). Then, after deploying the trusty credit card to pay for said purchases, we go off happily exhausted to have coffee and cake. I didn't notice - I was having too much fun mixing up the fabrics - until Sponky pointed it out, that the quilt store ladies look down their noses at us for numerous reasons.
  • Example 1: Sponky was looking for a 1" bias binding maker, and they said in snooty voice "oh no, we like our binding a little finer than that".
  • Example 2: djbebe was looking for bright red blanket binding, and they said in equally snooty voice "oh no, I'm afraid we only have apricot and lavender - you know, most people use this for baby blankets" and I said "well I'm making a baby blanket, but it's red, and apricot just won't cut the mustard". Actually, in the end, I couldn't find red anywhere so I used royal blue which is maybe even better.

Personally, I think quilting (everything?) is easier if you do it in a way that comes naturally - once you have the basics - rather than following the rules. Sponky - maybe this is why you had so much trouble quilting the black and white quilt? And maybe this is why I prefer to buy my fabric at thrift stores.

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Betty Sue said...

The ladies who run my quilting shop are lovely (and include one funky 19yo with killer red shoes and a white-stripes tshirt and a nose ring), but they get a lot of Prue & Trude customers