Friday, January 06, 2006

black cats and the afterlife

A bit before Christmas I was visited by some friendly neighbourhood Christians and a black cat. They said they didn't bring the cat, it just followed them to my door. I have not seen the cat before or since. They asked did I believe in God, I said no, they said ok so what happens to the people you love when they die, and I said when we die we get buried and eaten by worms. (I actually said that - it felt really good.) And they said oh that's so depressing... And eventually I had to say ok well thanks for your time, good luck with your converting (yes I actually said that too, and gave them a thumbs up) and I shut the door on them.

1 comment:

Sponky said...

I am going to use that worms one on the next JW that strays into our yard!