Wednesday, January 18, 2006

on the virtue of sarongs

  • even if you put on a kilo or two they still fit comfortably
  • cool and breezy, and satisfy almost any dress code
  • simply fold over the top for adjustable length
  • can also be used as a blanket, nanna-type knee rug, sunshade or neck-pillow
  • easiest thing in the world to make - no darts, buttons, zips, sleeves, plackets, pleats, facings - not a curve in sight
  • if you sit in something that leaves an embarrassing stain, just turn the garment upside down - stain gone - or at least moved to somewhere less embarrassing

Big shout out to Betty Sue, who brought me some fabulous fabric from India which I didn't make into anything for ages because I didn't want to make something that I might not like. So the other day I just hemmed the edges and voila - the best looking sarong in town. And if I find a pattern one day that I want to make it into something else, I still can because I didn't need to use my scissors at all.


Sponky said...

I too will shout out on the sarong (not convinced about the stain thing, but hey). I have taken the funky indian material you gave me for Xmas (nominally a table cloth) and made it into a temporary sarong. It's a bit wide, hence requires some pleating sari-style on the underneath. Was very comfy - thinking about cutting it down to make an elastic-wasted skirt, as the colours all go with my wardrobe

Girl Genius said...

djbebe, a warning about that fabric - when you wash it, put half a handful of salt in the water (because it is vegetable-dyed and will fade quite quickly if you don't)