Friday, December 02, 2005


The air-conditioning at djbebe's work is not working very well. djbebe does not like the heat and has been opening the window for the benefit of the breeze. The window was left open one night, and the next day djbebe noticed a large moth on the wall near her computer, and some green dots on her desk - like some cleaning fluid or some lunch had been spilt. djbebe did not connect these two events. This morning however, the moth has moved to the ceiling, and there was another green dot right in the middle of djbebe's monitor. djbebe has done some analysis of trajectory, angles, flight path and wind-factor, and concluded that the green stuff is moth poo.


Sponky said...

Or eggs. You may be hosting millions of little moth babies shortly.

I would suggest you wipe them up.

Girl Genius said...

I think the moths may have eaten DJ Bebe. Where are you? Come back!