Tuesday, November 13, 2007

teapot coaster

teapot coaster
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I was sick of looking at the teapot rings on my desk at work - and I've just got my own office for the first time ever so I'm still in that honeymoon phase where I don't want to mess it up. You know, like when you tidy up your craft room and for a while you're really conscientious with putting things away?

For something made purely out of scraps of recent projects it turned out rather cohesively, I thought. Made using foundation piecing method onto a piece of sturdy flanellette, then backed using the envelope method and machine quilted with pink thread - because that's what was on the machine at the time. I was on a roll - no time for changing threads!


fiona said...

oh love the scraps!what a great project!i wish the honeymoon peirod could live on for ever!(she typed with mountains of CRAP! around her)

Kate said...

Great coaster! Love the colours.