Friday, November 30, 2007

sparkles for opening night

brown and gold sequin cuff
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Well tonight is the opening of the Re-Creations exhibition and, as usual, I decided at the last minute that I absolutely must make something new to wear. I quickly discarded the idea of making a fabulous new blouse or dress - too risky. What if it turns out bad, leaving me with no time for plan B? So, I got out this box of fabric samples that I was given by Lyssy May who recklessly ignores my fabric diet - anyone doing a project that requires small rectangles of tweed or taffeta? I've got a few to spare... Anyway I found some gems in there and managed to make this cuff which I think is quite fabulous. Having something new to wear is like a secret talisman that will keep me safe through the nerves of crowds and meeting new people. Plus, it's brown, and it's got sequins! Two of my favourite things.


Betty Sue said...

course you have to have something new, otherwise it's not as much fun.

(ps sorry for schizo posting names - I blame blogger)

Kate said...

Love the cuff - you always need a few sparkles!