Tuesday, April 11, 2006

conference scheduling blues

I am going to San Francisco in May for a conference. This means I get a couple of days when not conferencing (when I'm supposed to be recovering from jetlag in order to gain maximum benefit from the conference to bring back for my colleagues), when I can look around San Fran - which is good. However, I just went through the scheduling tool (indeed) and it turns out that because the conference is principally for computer nerds who don't care what city they're in as long as they have access to the internet, the sessions run until midnight. And because it's such a "big responsibility" and I'm supposed to be bringing back as much information as possible "for the team", I really should go to as many sessions as possible. This leaves me little time to sample the delights of what I'm sure is a very exciting city, in a country I've never been before. Also since I struggle to concentrate after 4pm on a good day, it is going to be tricky for me to bring back anything at all from any 11:20pm session. Seriously.

Any ideas on what to see in San Fran between the hours of midnight and 9am?

On another note, must go home and locate my passport.

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VanBubbles said...

Hmm...midnight-9am maybe a bit tricky for me...though I'd LOVE to see you. I guess it'll have to be on your turf though. < so sad >