Tuesday, March 28, 2006

sewing season

The woman behind the counter of the sewing store where I was buying supplies on Sunday said that sewing season was about to start again. Apparently, "regular" people have summer off. Admittedly I sew more in winter because it's cooler (I get surprisingly hot when slaving over a hot sewing machine) - but I don't have all summer off - what if I needed a new shirt?? Do these people tell themselves no no, you'll have to wait until the autumn leaves start falling before making those pants. You can't sew summer stuff in winter, it would be all wrong. Perhaps these are home parents, who can only sew when the children are at school. But personally, I sew when the inspiration hits, regardless of the season.

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Sponky said...

Perhaps this is where you find the difference between sewing as a hobby and sewing as a lifestyle choice.