Thursday, July 17, 2008

Think Pink

Think Pink
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Sorry, I couldn't resist another mosaic... If you like pink, and you're in Brisbane on Sunday with the afternoon free, you should go to Lyssy May's Think Pink party. I'm a bit late posting about it - you have to RSVP by tomorrow... It's being held to raise money for breast cancer so there will be lots of raffles and (pink) prizes - so put on something pink and head along. You can see some of the prizes - including one of my scarves here.

And if you're in Toowoomba on Sunday with no plans, I'll be at the Queen's Park Markets.

Photo credits: 1. vintage tea set with cupcake, 2. rose, 3. pink gadgets, 4. Pink Petals

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littlebird said...

i know what you mean about now being addicted to mosaics! : D