Tuesday, July 17, 2007

the return of the craft mojo

Well 2 months after the wedding, I finally have my craft mojo back. I didn't realise until it was all over just how exhausted I was, in all aspects. Strangely HandyMan doesn't seem similarly afflicted... I visited LyssyMay a couple of weeks ago and was much inspired by all the goodies in that sweet little shop, as well as catching up on what's hot right now in Brisvegas, and getting some ideas for collaboration. Also we have a craft gathering at work this week, so I have been madly making brooches, aprons, oven mitts, coasters and other bits and pieces. And inspired by all the cuffness that's going on out there in CraftLand (too many to mention!), I've been experimenting with these, which are an extremely good way to use special little bits of vintage fabric that won't mix with anything else. I have so many little pieces like this that just get lost when put with other fabrics, and this is a way for them to stand alone. I don't know if these are going to take off in the "rural business centre" in which I live - I've noticed curious looks whenever I've worn one to work - we'll see. Also on a practical note, this is one type of bracelet/bangle that I can wear to work and still happily type on the keyboard - they're flat and they don't jangle. Awesome!

Almost forgot - there is a new independent online site for selling handmade goods - like etsy I suppose, but just for Australian makers. madeit - it just opened last week so it's early days, but go check it out. I've listed a few things so fingers crossed.

In other news, HandyMan has been away for a week for work, and was supposed to be home in two more days. However some other not-so-handy-man broke the work car so now they have to wait in the middle of nowhere for it to be fixed. Either that or they put him on a plane and send him home. I'm hoping for Option B, because despite the fact that I normally just enjoy the precious time alone with the cat and my craft, I'm actually missing him. So that's what marriage does to you then...

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