Monday, June 18, 2007

luxury bird house

bird house fabric
Originally uploaded by djbebe
I like this take on the bird house. If I was a bird, I would like to live in a house like this. I used this fabric to make a sweet little handbag for my cousin, which I promised months ago but then got carried away with wedding stuff. I also used buttons from our grandma's button box which I inherited last time she downsized. It contains all kinds of treasures which she saved for many years - which I will only use for the most special of projects.


Betty Sue said...

Is pretty! How big is the pattern?

djbebe said...

Well this three storey house is the biggest one, the others are shacks, barns and cottages, about 15x20cm. This house would be double that plus a bit - probably 40x20cm. You can have some if you want.

Anonymous said...

that would be a nice gift.
that pattern would also be nice for my next home project plan