Saturday, February 24, 2007

thrifty love

thrifty love
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Last weekend was a good one for thrifting (this weekend we're driving 4 hours to Roma for a birhday party so unfortunately no thrifting to be had). I found those blue feather flowers at The Lifeline Emporium (you can't go past an emporium) amongst the crockery. They are so perfect for the collection I have going for the centrepieces for the tables at the wedding (10 weeks to go!). They weren't priced so I took them to the counter half expecting to be told they weren't for sale but the nice lady sold them to me for 50c. Two of them had broken stems which I had to fix with a spot of glue - but still - bargain! I also found a box full of doornobs at a garage sale - don't know what I'm going to do with them but couldn't resist the bright orange and green ceramic ones - 10c each. They're quite heavy so not suitable for tote bags or the like - maybe I should get HandyMan to mount them on a board so I can hang things...

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Betty Sue said...

I think you can make a cool coat rack with the door knobs.