Thursday, December 07, 2006

pink and green apples

pink and green apples
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Hey Sponky, you thought I was odd to buy this appley fabric at Spotlight (and I only did because we waited there an hour to be served) - but doesn't it look lovely and fresh with the pink and green in these bibs? I think the backing also came from the same Spotlight experience. I posted the big one to Lyssy May to put in her shop.

Also note that when you go to Lyssy May's website, you can see some of my aprons (matching oven mitts can be seen here) in the background of the second shot of the shop interior.


Betty Sue said...

I like your new title :)

And the colours are indeed fresh and just the thing to make a mum think "well, I may be covered in baby drool but at least the bub looks fresh" :)

Tea Pony- Esa said...

I second that last comment. Those bibs are sooo cute, love, love, love the apples.