Thursday, February 23, 2006

voodoo pincushion

Thanks, Betty Sue, for the fabulously nifty voodoo pincushion. It has a person on the front, and a place on the back where you can insert the name of todays voodoo victim. Following voodoo pincushion protocol, I wrote on a little piece of paper the name of my victim, inserted it into the pincushion, and began moving pins from my current pincusion to the voodoo pincushion. The first few I inserted with feeling into vital areas - chest, head, hands and feet, until he looked like a gingerbread, like so:

Originally uploaded by djbebe.

Although I mean no actual physical harm to my victim, it felt good, like a form of release. Since then, I have just used it as one would normally use a pincushion: absently inserting pins as one is sewing. And I think since part of the voodoo magic is surely the malice one feels for one's victim as one is inserting the pins, one might have to take time aside from sewing and insert pins into it with feeling. However my voodoo pincushion is always handy, since I'm never far from my sewing machine, and it is also handy to have the voodoo disguised in pincushion form - thus avoiding embarrassing explanations when visitors discover instruments of voodoo on the coffee table.

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