Tuesday, November 08, 2005

toons at work

Darth 'Tater and a Spud Trooper arrived at work the other day, a gift from a colleague's wife who is an avid Star Trek fan. Around the corner is Spongebob, a favourite of our friend Sponky. This mix of 'toons and sci-fi is almost too much for djbebe. And the other problem djbebe has is that the Star Wars garb of the Messrs Potato Heads almost precludes the rearranging of their facial features, which is their reason for being. Or at least their reason for being entertaining. (One nice touch though is that the Spud Trooper's weapon of choice is a potato masher.) djbebe took Darth's face mask off and put his nose on while the colleague wasn't looking, and almost got in trouble. Now djbebe makes a point of rearranging them every morning before the colleague gets to work.

And one last P. Head link, the family reunion.

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