Friday, October 28, 2005

tax return schmax return

Last night djbebe was mildly boasting on the phone to Betty Sue about how her tax return was allllmost finished. This morning djbebe got to work extra-early with the handful of final documents that she needed to finish it off and submit. The computer djbebe had previously been using to do her tax return has been re-installed - no problem, she will just download the etax program and install it again. Would you like to create a new file? Noooo, here is one prepared earlier... Please enter your tax file number to open existing file. That didn't work. Has djbebe forgotten her tax file number? Impossible! djbebe looks up the ato website for how to retrieve forgotten TFN - paper forms galore but no hotline. Where is a hotline when you need one? djbebe calms herself, she is sure that is the correct TFN. She looks again at the file she was trying to open - oh dear, that is last year's tax return. Ohhhhh. She must have saved the file locally on that damn machine that got re-installed. She chooses the option to roll over data from last year's damn tax return and starts again. (Yes she did have the right TFN.) So much for getting it done this morning before colleagues arrive at work. At least her memory is not failing. djbebe is going to brisvegas tomorrow to par-tay, and has no portable computer/internet and may hence leave her tax return to the very last minute - Monday is the due date, no?

Betty Sue, I feel your pain.


Sponky said...

Cut your losses, pay an accountant and you can wait until April next year should you choose. And you can claim it as a tax deduction next year.

djbebe said...

just lodged - it only took me 1.5 hours to redo it. but I do owe the ATO
just under $2k.